Appliance Recycling

Appliance Recycling

Pull the Plug Program


Did You Know?
• A new ENERGY STAR appliance may be up to 2 or 3 times more energy efficient than your old appliance; for example, an old refrigerator may use up to $150 more per year to operate than a new model
• Your REC will arrange to pick up your old appliance for free
• You will receive a $25 incentive check per recycled appliance

It may be time to Pull the Plug on your old refrigerators, freezers, and window a/c units. Appliances in working condition are eligible for the Pull the Plug program, and you can receive $25 for each one, up to 3 per year! Appliances will be picked up for free and you will receive your check when the appliance is picked up. Submit the online form or call us today at 1-800-390-7605.

*Dorm size refrigerators and freezers are not eligible.

Your new ENERGY STAR appliances are also eligible for rebates!